Green Miles

Again, there were 2 BIG races scheduled last March 21, 2010 .
The GLOBE RUN which was held at the Ayala Triangle, and the GREEN MILES which was held in SM Mall of Asia Grounds.
I have ran in Ayala Makati area several times, but I have never ran in the SM Mall of Asia Grounds, so I decided to run the GREEN MILES race instead.
As always, I loved running in the Roxas Boulevard Area because of its Pinoy Carnival Atmosphere and the cool salt water breeze from the bay.
Also, this was my Birthday Race GIFT to myself.

My observation on the 15K Race Event that I joined in are as follows:
The route made 1 BIG round in the MOA grounds before heading towards Roxas Bulevard.
From Roxas boulevard we ran all the way to the American Embassy, from the American Embassy we made a U-turn, and headed back to the finish line in MOA .
The actual distance registered in my GARMIN was 15.22KM, which in my opinion, was PERFECT, because I would rather have the actual route distance a little LONGER, rather than it being shorter from the distance declared by the organizers.
Also, I NEVER cut corners in any RACE.
My philosophy is, “If you run a 42.195 km Marathon, but the actual distance is only 41kms then it is NOT a Marathon”.

The route also had adequate drinking water supply in cups and in bottles, which was about only 2 km apart from each other which was EXCELLENT.
Traffic was pretty much controlled by the police. But of course, there were still a few F!%&) insensitive drivers who did not care of the ongoing race! I just ignored them so not to make me lose my concentration.
Overall, it was a good fun race. My wife (MABU) and I really enjoyed the Festive Atmosphere. This is my wife’s 4th 3K event, and she plans to do the 5K event in our next race. Next Target will be the EARTH RUN!!
Congratulations to Jinoe Gavan, Ian Alacazar and Doc Lyndon and their entire team.
Race Time : 5:30am
Distance: 15 kilometres.
Actual Distance ( Garmin ) : 15.220 kilometres .
Pace : 5:21/ km
Finish time : 1hr.21mins.33sec.

Marie, Mabu , me and Jonel Mendoza of front Runner Mag. Ink Men !! Jonel with his Ink Dragon and i with my..... never mind
Doc Lyndon, me, Jinoe Gavan ( and Ian Alcazar

Concepcion Durables staff. Running Group
Fast Runners, Cool dudes! Earl Royce ( Run Early Run ) me and "Geoff Factor"unique name "Factor" like in Fear Factor on No fear to run the Condura Marathon in 2011 !