It has been said that, “Your eyes are the Window to your SOUL“.
I have said, “When you run, your eyes are the Window to your PASSION”.
Running is like LIFE, there will always be ups and downs, but it’s how you handle it that makes you cross the finish line.
Sometimes, you want to slow down, and sometimes you just want to quit and call it a day.
But you know deep down inside, once you give in to those negative feelings, then you have lost the battle.
Life is never a bed of roses...same with running. If it was, then, what separates us from the norm?
You run almost everyday, averaging 50 ....60.....70 ......sometimes even 100km a week just to reach your Goal.
The Goal you set is for your own self fulfilment, and not for anybody else’s.
It doesn’t matter what others think...what’s important is what YOU THINK and ACHIEVE.
Every time I cross the finish line in a marathon...I cry tears of joy.
It’s because it is in that moment that I feel I have WON the battle...not only of the RACE... but also of this game they call LIFE.