1LT Kenneth Tenebro US Army

In most of my pictures taken in the Condura Run Marathon, there was 1 particular person, running beside me in the entire route of the race.
His name is Lieutenant Kenneth Tenebro from the US Army.
We were practically running side by side the whole time.
We did a little chit chat while running, and a few information I gathered from him were the ff:
1. He is a LT with the US Army.
2. He is currently serving as the Executive Officer for his Battalion Company.
3. He has run 3 marathons. ( New York 2009, Walt Disney World Marathon 2010 & Condura Run Marathon.
4. He will be doing the LA marathon this coming March.
5. He plans to do at least 1 marathon a month.
6. He also mentioned to me that he dedicates all his Marathon to his fellow soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Several times in the race, when I was already struggling, I told him he can go ahead, as he did not have to wait or stick beside me.
But he told me, “No man, I’ll stick with you all the way”.
In the course of our few chit chats, he shared with me a Special Running Technique, which I have proven to be very effective.
He said, at the last kilometre of the marathon, since my “slow twitch muscle” has exceeded/exhausted its limit, I should start sprinting so my “fast twitch muscle” will take over the slow one. And so, even if I thought it was impossible for me to speed up, I did what he said, and surprisingly, IT DID WORK!
At the end of the race, we hugged each other and I can’t thank him enough for sticking with me. If he was not there, it would have been very difficult for me to finish. Again, I applaud LT Kenneth Tenebro for his commitment to stand by me during the entire race, when he could have just left me behind, and have the glory of finishing at an earlier time.
To all the soldiers of the US Army, you should be PROUD of this man..as I have proven that in the field of battle, he will not leave you behind when wounded.. the way he did for a simple runner like me.