Jan 19, 2010

Save the Dolphins NOW !!!!

The CONDURA RUN BROTHERS - Patrick & Ton Concepcion - had a dinner meeting with the Ayala Foundation Inc. and BEZO represented by Mr. Joel Uchico, Ms. Bea Zoel and staff. We discussed about the details of the CONDURA RUN’s support for the ‘Save the Dolphins Movement’, wherein we committed that P50.00 of the runners’ registration fee shall DIRECTLY go to a FUND, managed by Condura, to protect the dolphins of Bohol.
This fund will ONLY benefit the project and will NOT be used to cover any expenses incurred in the race.
In this way, on top of enjoying the race, the runner’s will also feel that they have helped in protecting the lovely dolphins of the sea.

Inspired by the culture and creativity of Boholanos, Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) partnered with the communities of Dauis and Baclayon in Bohol—an island province in the Philippines—to promote sustainable community development and the preservation of natural and cultural sites through various projects. - BEZO

For more details pls. check the Condura run website http://www.condurarun.com and BEZO http://www.bezo.org.ph
Thank you