Philippine Sports Association

At 10:30am Jan 19, 2010 the CONDURA RUN held a Press Conference with the PHILIPPINE SPORTS ASSOCIATION (PSA) at Shakeys Restaurant in U.N. Ave., Manila. It was well attended by ALL local MAJOR newspaper and tabloid writers.
You can feel the excitement of everybody, as they were very eager to get the latest update about the upcoming CONDURA RUN.
The CONDURA RUN is one of the BIGGEST and MOST awaited races in the country, and so everyone can’t help but RAVE WILDLY about it.
The race will be kicking off on Feb 7, 2010, which is approximately less than 3 weeks from now.
To get updates READ MORE of the race’s details in your favourite newspapers and Tabloid.
Or check the website as you wouldn’t want to MISS this ONE GREAT RACE. Thank you
Mr.Anil Buxani - Managing Director of Asics , Mr. Rudy Biscocho - RACE, Mr.Ed Nepomuceno - Skyway, Brothers Ton & Patrick Concepcion and Mr. Abraham Cipriano jr. - Marketing Manager of Asisa Brewery