Myotheraphy - InterCare

I think I've been overdoing the mileage.
I have another bad injury again i think i got it after my Marathon run last Jan.10 and aggravated it further when i went for a 20km run 3 days after. The injury is located on the upper left side of my calves muscle on my left leg. It really hurts when i walk or over extend my leg when i run, with the Condura Run Marathon barely 3 weeks a way i decided to cut down on the mileage and seek professional care to address this injury.I again went to INTRECARE to have a MYOTHERAPHY MASSAGE on the said leg.
The Therapist was very good and he really knew how to take out the knots and tightness.
The pain of the massage was a bit excruciating but tolerable. I had no choice but to deal with it if i want to be back in top shape
Oh no ! :-( here we go again. Praying for a speedy recovery.