Phil Star "On the Run & on the loose with a camera"

Article “ON THE RUN & ON THE LOOSE WITH A CAMERA“ by Tanya Lara.
Featuring Ben Chan . “ Photographer on the Run ”
It was very nice of Tanya L. to feature Ben C. In her weekly Article.
I am equally grateful that my wife's picture and I including a little write up was also publish in the said article.
Below is what was written in the said Article.

“His profile of Patrick Concepcion, a runner who did the
Vancouver Marathon in 1983 in 3:54 and who has since run 240 races of different distances, was shot at high noon in Sucat, but the pictures look like they were done very early in the morning or late at night.
This series also shows both the photographer and the runner’s sense of humour. For this shoot, Ben sketched storyboards for Patrick — including one where Patrick is sitting on a toilet bowl and reading.
How did he convince this vice president of Condura to drop his pants? “I was
willing to do it,” says Patrick. “I wanted the life of a runner projected in pictures. Just like when I’m on the toilet in real life, I actually read Running magazine. The shoot’s concept was about everyday experiences I have as a runner. And Ben is a wizard with his camera. His passion for
both photography and running is very contagious. The 13 hours of shooting went by so quickly.”
Their conversation before the shoot also brought out the runner’s quirks, like Patrick never allows his househelp to clean his muddy running shoes. Instead he cleans them himself when he’s taking a bath — so Ben shot him in the shower. And to show how much Patrick loves his
shoes, Ben shot him in bed spooning his shoe — while his wife Mabu Concepcion is in the background reading by the lightof a bedside lamp”.