Yakult 10 Miler

Yakult 10 miler / 16k race Dec.07,2008.
First of all Thank God! They got the distance correct this time. My Garmin FR 205 registered exactly 16.00km; Compared to last year where the race course was short it was only 15.26km. Today I finished the race in 1:27:59, with an average pace of 5:30min/km. A lot slower compared to last year where I was averaging 5:20min/km.
I really enjoy the Yakult Race, Its usually held the 1st week of December when the weather is crisp and cool. I particularly like running also in the Roxas Boulevard area cause of the the brakewater scenary. I was hoping to improve my time compared to last year but around the 8km mark i got my allergy attack (im not sure what caused it ) and started to break out in hives, I also been having this nagging groin & hamstring injury lately. But in spite of everything overall I'm very pleased that I will end the year 2008 with a good race.