We runners always think that we are IMMORTALS & can LIVE a LONGER LIFE, because we run 4 - 7 days a week and we eat a balanced diet - BUT just recently I realized that THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE.
I came across a website called “REAL AGE TEST” . It calculates your REAL AGE based on your lifestyle, family genes, eating habits, stress level etc. You will have to answer about 30 questions which will just take about 30 mins to fill up.
I took the test, & based on my answers, my REAL AGE TEST SCORE was 44 years & 3 months. My CALENDAR AGE is 45 years & 8 months.
If I continue to run & cut down my red meat consumption and lower my Stress level, I can bring down my REAL AGE TEST Score to 42 years old. ,
Take the test, its fun & interesting.