Bye Bye Running Shoes

Last July. 9,2008 I posted that I have accumulated 15 pairs of Running Shoes.

From that last entry I have only purchased 1 more pair an Asics 2030 model making it a grand total of 16. Out of the 16 running shoe 11 of them I gave to my household help as a “Partial early Christmas gifts” to them.

The 11 running shoe either died or I just decided not to wear it any longer cause It was just giving me blisters or some sort of foot problems. Some shoes are still in excellent condition that my household help had to ask me again, “Sir, Papamigay mo talaga ito ?
I am now down to 5 running shoes which I really don’t mind and hopefully for the year 2009 I will only purchase running shoes on a need too basis. Hopefully :-).

(some of the Running shoes i gave )