Jul 9, 2018

Maxicare Run 2018 - 16km

The Maxicare Race was held on Aug. 08, 2018 at SM by the Bay.  The weather the day before race day was crazy !!!  One minute  rain would be pouring with flooded streets , 0 visibility, category 4 winds , 100 % humidity then the next minute the sun just comes out. For a second there I thought the race would be cancelled but luck favored the organizers and the weather pulled through. The extreme humidity during the first half of the race made it a bit of a struggle to get my rhythm going but as the sun started to come out, I finally found my groove. 

Though I would run an average of 15 kms a day, the longest race distance that I have done since December was only 10km.  It was a confidence booster to start moving  up in the race distance category like before. 

Congratulations to the race organizers, Lyndon Cosico of Leadpack for pulling it off despite the weather.