Jul 3, 2017

Robinson's Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2017 - 10 km race.

Reasons why I decided to run the Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run:

First, it was held  at Camp Aguinaldo which is a nice well contained place to run with its tree lined streets and fairly open spaces. 

Second, race start is at 6am which is a fairly decent time as compared to those dreaded 3am races I used to frequent. 

Third, found a Running Buddy who is no less than my good buddy, Jrl - Running. Though she is a girl, don't let her small frame fool you.  She can definitely give you a run for your money.

Fourth, I was intrigued by the famous race loot bag where I have heard people comment like, "para kang nag grocery" or "busog na pamilya ko for 1 month." After all, who can resist a big bag of freebies! 

It proved to be a nice cool morning on race day with a pretty straightforward and slightly hilly race course. Though the area was tight due to the number of runners on the road, at least there were rarely any cars which is a big plus. I was also feeling pretty good and quite satisfied to have finished at a decent time "knee-pain free."  And yes, I finally got to take home the  famous loot bag (or should I say, duffle bag) and it was exactly what I expected and so much more! All in all, I was a happy camper... good race, good run with lots of goodies! Looking forward to run this race again next year! 
Jrl - Running and I.
My Babe " Mrs. Shield " 
The famous Loot giveaways ...
 Jayson Tan .... my knee classmate 
 Mario Dumayag and Family
Day Walker