OYM 2nd LEG 2017

So here we go again... I was all set to run the 21km event but didn't feel up to par so decided to downgrade to a 10km event instead just 3 days before the race. Luckily, the Organizer  - Mark Anthony Lui happened to have an extra 10km race bib on such short notice. 
thank you very much. :-) .
Race started at 6am taking us through the familiar routes around MOA. Weather was quite humid but thankful for the ample supply of water on hand.  Surprisingly, I felt quite good all throughout the race which made me think that maybe I should have stuck to the original plan of running the 21km event.  Well, there's always a next time. Maybe then I'll feel good and confident enough to go for elusive 21km.

     Bryan Magali
Running Buddy ( JRL Running ) caught up with me in the last 4 kms.