Jan 23, 2017

Xavier Stallion Race 2017

I'm Baaack !!!!
I have been out of the racing scene for almost 8 months  because of my knee injury.  Though not yet fully recovered  (and I don't think I ever will be totally) I did not want my ailment to hinder my love for running and racing.  So when my good friend Paolo C. asked me to run the Xavier Stallion Race, it got me excited again and decided to just go for it.  I was a bit nervous but
after a thorough stretch before gun start I was mentally prepared. 

The weather was nice and cool during the 6am race.  It was a fairly
 easy route around the village surrounding Xavier School; a mix of slight uphills and downhills which I liked. I thought it best not push myself, to just take it easy and 'run on feel.'  I finished at a fairly decent time and legs still felt quite good though a bit  "bitin."  Maybe I should have registered for a higher event but then again, my sole purpose was to test the waters so to speak, to take it easy and see how I fare in this race as a gauge for future races. 

It was generally a good race day and great to see some old running friends as well.  Thank you Paolo and Pauline for the home cooked breakfast you prepared for us after the race.  I'm happy and looking forward to more races in the future.  Slowly but surely... I'm baaaack!

With Paolo C. and Son.
my long lost running friend :-) 
Allyn C.