Jan 31, 2017

CNY Lucky Run 2017

What a great way to welcome the year of the Fire Rooster than joining the CNY LUCKY RUN 2017 held at SM BY THE BAY in MOA last January 28, 2017. This is my 2nd race for the year after having joined a 5km event just last week. I decided to up my race distance to 8kms for this event knowing I could do better given that I have been running at least 5 days a week averaging 14 kms / day.

After an 8-month absence, it was nice running/racing around the MOA grounds once again on a cool Saturday morning.  I felt quite good at the finish but believed I could still do more so decided to run an additional 4 kms taking the total distance to 12 kms just to satisfy the craving. After the race, I satisfied another craving for a quick R&R getaway out of town... something that I was really excited about and so looking forward to. 

A Chinese proverb says that all creations are reborn on New Year's day providing hope and energy for new good things to come into one's life.  The Fire Rooster is said to represent a new dawn and awakening.  I also believe, however, that nothing much will come by mere chance or luck and success is usually marked by hard work and patience.  After the many setbacks faced and foolish decisions made in 2016, I am determined to stay true and focused on my goals in order to get myself back on track... slowly but surely.  
with the year of the Fire Rooster at hand, it's time to Rise and Run.

R&R after the race ... will write about it soon