I enjoy biking so much that I go for a ride at least 2-3 times a week. I also recently invested on a SPECIALIZED Diverge bike.  Biking, however, did not come as natural to me as running did.  Each ride is different and can be a struggle at times especially for long distances.  I couldn't get comfortable on my current setup and experienced a lot of discomfort especially around the butt area.  Lately, I have come to realize that there is a "science to biking" if one aims to ride long and comfortable and the first step is to get a so-called "Bike Fit".   A bike fit has three basic parameters: correct saddle height, correct saddle-to-stem distance, and correct fore and aft saddle position based on the rider's height, flexibility and riding style.  The whole point of a bike fit is to make you sit more comfortably (which will let you ride for longer) and to help you ride more efficiently. 

So I reached out to Miguel Lopez  who recently trained in Singapore, to give me a Bike Fit session and hopefully, "fix me up."  After a few hours of collaboration, my bike and I were tuned to a “ T ”.  Miguel even threw in a bonus lesson on how to use Cleats which I struggled with initially.  Since then my current bike rides have been more comfortable.  I am now riding on a perfectly tuned biked with cleats on my feet and happy butt  even on those long rides. 

Going through the "bike fit" process and getting an expert opinion especially for beginners like me who aren’t too familiar with how a bike should fit and feel proved to be quite useful.  An expert consultation provided a good reference point on how comfortable a bike should fit going forward.

Thank you Miguel Lopez. 
Thanks for the Specialized Fit.