Spooky !!!!!

It was summer, a couple decades back and I was living in a condo downtown Makati then. I started the day getting ready for my early morning run just before the crack of dawn.  As I was heading out, I saw a dark silhouette of a man standing by the hallway that led to the front door. He was about 5’7 in height, Asian looking with a stocky built, wearing what looked like shorts.  I stared at him for about 3 seconds and it somehow seemed like he was also staring back at me. I closed my eyes shut for about a second or two just to clear my vision and when I opened them, he was still there, unmoving and unchanged. At that moment I knew this “ silhouette” I was staring at was not that of an "ordinary" man but before I could even react, he simply vanished.  I looked around the condo thinking he may have hidden somewhere but I could no longer find any trace of him.

After that brief but uncanny experience, I just proceeded out the front door and went for my morning run as planned.  When I got back and with my curiosity peaked, I decided to ask the lady at the front desk if there had been any sightings of ghosts, spirits or strange incidents occurring in the building.  She informed me that, just recently, there was an "Asian foreigner" who fell to his death from the balcony of his unit.  Apparently, the master bedroom door was locked and from the adjacent room of his unit, he attempted to cross and re-enter the masters bedroom through the balcony but as fate would have it, he lost his footing, slipped and fell.  

I cannot say with certainty if the "strange encounter" I had is in any way related to that particular incident, but one thing I do know for sure.....what I saw that summer morning two decades ago was not a figment of my imagination....its an experience forever etched in memory.