Their poster slogan reads:  “Camp John Hay 13.1 Miles (Half Marathon ) for the half crazy!"  This slogan just about sums it all up. After all, who in their right mind would want to wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare for a 21.1 km run on the muddy, slippery and uneven trails of Baguio at 6 in the morning when he could just stay tucked snugly in bed enjoying the cool Baguio weather and then wake up to a delicious Pinoy breakfast of longanisa, fried rice and egg with hot chocolate eh on the side??? Well, this time I guess you can call me crazy. 

Luckily, typhoon NOUL decided to veer a little off course and delay its arrival with only a slight drizzle during race day. 

The Race Route is about 30% Road and 70% Trail consisting of the Eco trail, Yellow trail, Blue Trail, extending to Brgy. Kadaclan, the steep road of Happy Hallow and then back to Camp John Hay.  I lost count of exactly how many times we had to hike up the mountains but it was definitely a challenging course.  As luck would have it, my right foot got caught in a branch which catapulted me to the ground not just once but 3 times!  I believe I may have aggravated an old injury which only means more therapy time. 

Despite the mishaps, the Baguio trails have a charm of it's own that keeps me wanting to come back for more. Not only do the trails provide a challenging course but all your other senses are peaked with the cool mountain air, scent of minty forest pine, lush greenery and magnificent views that all make up for a great running experience.  It's never a bad idea to get away from the city once in a while just to reboot, recharge and contemplate on "the true meaning of life and happiness."  I believe I just may have found mine .... even if that makes me "half crazy."
Thank you Charles G. for the Pictures :-)
The Race Map. I love its Simplicity.
Race Organizer and friend - Heidi G. Race Briefing Before the Start of the Race.
" Follow the Red Ribbon  ... Please alert your senses all the Time ! "
Yikes !
Part of the Actual Route

The View 
The Baguio  View " I Dont Like "