DBB Uphill Challenge (Mt. Sembrano Mountain Run 2015)

DBB Uphill Challenge (Mt. Sembrano Mountain Run 2015)
located at Pililia Rizal is my first trail race for the year 2015.  I had planned on running the 30km event but having just ran the Guam Marathon last weekend, my legs haven’t quite fully recovered yet.  So I settled for the 15km event instead.
When they said it would be an “UPHILL CHALLENGE", they weren’t kidding around . The first 5kms alone was pure torture feeling the burn on my back and thighs. I was literally down on my hands and knees walking and crawling while making my way to the summit of Mt. Sembrano. Luckily I even found a wooden pole to help me climb up. 
Once there, I was greeted with a magnificent view where one can almost see the entire Laguna de Bay.  The air was crisp, a bit chilly and the wind unbelievably strong ( hence the windmills in the area ).  I had to be extra careful for fear that I would get push over the cliff.  Even if it was a race, sometimes you just can't help but stop for awhile and take it all in --- raw nature at it's best. It was AWESOME!  Often I would find myself  shouting with happiness; feeling like a child again as I crisscrossed on the grassy path. 

The run back to the finish was a bit taxing on the legs because of the steep grade and loose rocks. I still finished feeling quite refreshed and exhilarated despite my sore legs. It feels great to run in the "boondoks" again and even better to race in it.   Mt. Sembrano was a wonderful and unforgettable experience altogether.  
My congratulations to the organizers.
No Frills No Race bib 
but guess what my race number is !
Windmills of Pililia Rizal

Thanks Ronald D. for the pics and also for not showing my Bald spot :-)
Im 3 rd from the right ;-)
Literally on my hands and knees to reach the summit. 
Thanks Jerry Peralta for the pics

Thanks Jon B.

Horse on the hill
Malaya Thermal Power Plant

Race Organizer - Daphne Codilla
Im signing the waiver of Death. Ha ha
Trail Runner Fanatics - Thumbie R. 
Jerry P. And Raffy G.
Good friend May Santos

The oldies