Running Adventure - 1

Meagan Fox i totally agree with you
Pinatubo Volcano
Where's the beef
Start of a New Day
 Graffiti on the Ceiling 
Kalayaan Ave. is mine
When i run i am in Heaven
I love your medication " Life Line " im in a HIGH!
Im in the mood for spicy food
I love  Peking Duck
Wrong Way One Way My Way
My Playground 
Not today !!!!
On the edge
I love Art !
Im a saint
Can you read my mind
Love my wheels
Its good i brought my P 5.00
 Train Crossing
Im a Kapuso !
No you cannot have one of my ribs !
Non conformist
Big Mac please
I ran 18 km Toddddaayyy .....
Category 4 storm  aint stopping me
.........To a better life
Women are from Venus and Men are from .... Mars
Duhh !!!
You can hear the whistle blow a Hundred miles
Thank God its Friday !!
MOA is mine !
If Viagra aint working ... Talk dirty to me.
It really does
Polo club
Manila yatch club
Iam a member of the RICHERS CLUB
Art on Picasso Hotel
Man's Best friend
An Apple a day keeps the doctor away
help ! A government  official is after me
But isnt it suppose to be Clean and Fresh ?
I may be 51 but in my Heart i will be FOREVER 21
Nanu Nanu - Robin Willams Space Ship

Parents you may consider sending your kids to this school ;-)
Excuse me !!!
I am not JOGGING