I received an email recently congratulating me for my participation in the recent MILO Race at MOA.  As per their tally,
there was a total of 37,063 runners who took part in the 5 category event: 3km, 5km, 10km, 21km and the Marathon. Quite an amazing feat considering that when the MILO Marathon began way back in 1974, they only had a total of 764 runners.  Though I did not qualify for the finals, that's cool with me.  MILO is the biggest "legitimate" race here in the Philippines and I feel honored just to be one of the 37,063 runners.  Every journey with Milo is always a great opportunity to be part of the most popular and long standing running institutions here in the Philippines and more importantly, to be able to support  MILO®'s mission to "build a nation of champions."