Running Adventure in the East Coast

I had to go to Boston to attend to some Personal Matters. Boston has become my 3rd home so to speak.
In spite of Chilly Rainy weather and a nasty cold that i developed with flu like symptoms i still tried to run everyday.
Not only because i enjoy running but i am like a child when i run in a different country. Running is really exciting.
A new view
A new story
A new chapter 

Hello Boston  - Ran 15.22 km 
Baby its Cold Outside - Ran 15.46 km
Spring in Boston - Ran 22.64 km
I am not an illegal Alien - Ran 16.40 km
I found my Wings - Ran 16.40 km 
Earth and Sky - Ran 16.45 km
I think i took a wrong turn somewhere !!!! - Ran 15.39 km
The Tortoise .... Hare and Me - Ran 14.75 km
Graffiti on the wall - Ran 18.18 km

Church - Ran 17.30 km
Downtown ( The Pru on the left ) Ran 17.16 km
Beach Run - 13.40 km
Life is an Adventure Running just made it Better !