I was all geared up to join the Taal - 25 km Trail Run scheduled last Saturday, May 24 but, unfortunately, my right leg is still giving me major problems and has been undergoing rehab for quite some time now.  I can run and race but only on relatively flat surfaces and at a comfortable or so-called  "chismis" pace. With a bum  leg, trail runs are definitely out of the question for now for fear that it may just further aggravate the injury.  So finding myself with nothing to do that weekend, I decided to sign up for the √Čtude Princess Run 10km scheduled the following day, May 25.

The race route was held at BGC all the way to Makati City which is a relatively flat course. I wasn't gunning for a PR on this race. I just wanted to get some sun and enjoy the race at a comfortable pace on this beautiful Sunday morning.  For a "first timer" I must say the race was quite well organized with km markers every km and ample hydration  stations very much needed considering the heat wave we have been experiencing. I estimate about 1500 joined the 10 km event . Not bad for a first a first time race. It was also nice to chat with some old friends who I have not seen in a while.

My youngest daughter happens to love Etude products which is also one of the reasons why I joined this race.  I'm happy I was able to score some freebies for her : - ).  So for my √Čtude Princess, this race is for you . Love you! 
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