PBA Run for a Cause - 15 km

I rarely race on a Saturday but because the holy week is just around the corner, most of the good challenging races have taken the back burner for the meantime.  The only good race I found was the PBA run.

Since MOA/Roxas Boulevard is one of my favorite running ground, I basically opted to take it easy and just enjoy the run.  I  think I was enjoying too much that I noticed boyfriend Paolo C. was only about 400 meters behind and slowly catching up. Was I enjoying the race too much that i forgot my speed ? 

I noticed not many people joined the said race with an estimate of about 500 participants for the 15 kilometer distance. What was interesting though was that most of the PBA players did run the shorter distances. I felt like a dwarf as I passed them giants.  It was a good day for an easy Saturday run with time enough for an impromptu road trip and a scrumptious and hearty late lunch. Best part is, there was no pressure to sleep early on a Saturday night with no race on Sunday.... but I still did go on my usual run the next day. I guess old habits are just hard to break. 
Paolo c.
Icar H.
Day Walker
Road trip .... Food Trip