Pinoy Fitness SUB 1 - 10 km Race

Rarely do I join 10 km races but when you get to be my age, it seems the supposed fast twitch muscles in my legs seem to be turning into slow twitches so I think its time they needed a little waking up. 

Generally, it was a good "out and back" course which started near the BGC football field heading towards Kalayaan Avenue then turning back before we hit Malugay Street.  The up hills in Kalayaan Street really got the legs burning.  It was during the last 2 kms of the race when I heard Running Host, Boy Ramos' voice over the boom box announcing the clock time of 48 mins. This was only when I decided to pick up the pace and hoped to finish with a sub 55.  I clocked in at 54.52, still way beyond "puke pace" and way off my PR of 41 mins.  I am still quite pleased with my performance BUT maybe for my next 10 km race, I will aim to be less conservative and just go for it.

Congratulations Pinoy Fitness. It was a very good race.  
See you next year. 

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Tanya , Puker Friends and I
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