2013 ...... 2014

This year alone I believe I developed more lines in my forehead and grew more white hairs on my head.  Needless to say, it was a very stressful year for me in all aspects.  It was also a year that brought on many changes characterized by various LEAPS OF FAITH.

2013 was the year I turned 50. In this milestone year, major decisions were made which would not only affect people close to me but most especially the remaining 50 (?) years of my life.  I am grateful for the unwavering support of family and I treasure the moments spent with them most especially my parents who's company I get to enjoy more now during their twilight years.  Their love and guidance through the years have always kept me strong and grounded. 

The Company took a big bold LEAP when my brother, Raul Joseph Concepcion, spearheaded the IPO campaign thus making my late grandfather, Jose Concepcion Sr.'s dream a reality.  It was both a daunting task and a gutsy move but he has succeeded in moving the company forward and into a more promising direction.

I have also developed a deeper FAITH in the Lord most especially when my eldest brother, Robie, was diagnosed with the Big C.  It was a devastating time for the family - one that shook me to the core - yet it is during moments like these that bring out the best in people.  HOPE, LOVE, STRENGTH and PERSEVERANCE have taken on a new meaning for me and my family.  These words have become our battle cry.

And then there's running....I still average about 16 to 25 km a day, 5 or 6 days a week. However, I must admit that age is slowly creeping up on my legs. The speed is not like it was before, I am more prone to injury now and recovery takes much longer. Mid day naps have also become a normal routine - definitely a sign of old age. But each morning I get to run and do what I love is always a blessing - one that I am truly grateful for. 

All in all, it was a year filled with various challenges yet I take both the good with the bad always bearing in mind that one can always overcome given the right attitude.  I cherish all the things that have come my way, the people I have crossed paths with and the events that have unfolded in my life.  2013 has given me both a sense of self and a sense of purpose.  It has allowed me to grow as a person and made me realize now more than ever that it is I who control my own destiny and is responsible for my own happiness.  

So as the saying goes..."OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW"... New Year, new goals and a dream to fulfill. I am ready to take on that LEAP OF FAITH. Because while its scary to leave what we've been accustomed to,  it’s even more frightening to contemplate a life unfulfilled.

Wishing  you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!