Run Unite 2 - 32 KM Event

                The last time I joined a RU 32 km event was in Nov 21,2010 and finished at a time of 3:06:08.  If my memory serves me right, I struggled in the last 2 km and I cramped up pretty bad till I reached the finish line.  I missed the 32 km event for 2011 and 2012 because I was in Boston on both years.  

For RUN UNITED 32 km event 2013,  I had no real game plan.  All I hoped to do for this run is to finish and if a I got a PR, that would be a bonus.  But I guess age is slowly catching  up with me or maybe I just didn't push the pace as I could have and was running quite conservatively.

The race itself  was quite organized... lots of water, Gatorade  banana and sponges provide on route. The marshals  did a  fantastic job controlling the traffic and it was very reassuring to see Rio de la Cruz being hands on making sure all went well in the race.

I guess my only complaint for this race is that it was so HUMID!  So humid, in fact,  that I drank a total of  8 cups of Gatorade  10 cups of water and sponged myself 3 times  along the entire route.  But that's to be expected especially during the summer months.   Despite the humidity,  it was a good race.   I enjoyed the run and its always good to touch base with old friends, some new friends and various acquaintances.   It also felt good to get acknowledged  on stage by hosts Boy Ramos and Anthony Suntay.  Feeling  :) 

Thank you God for the journey !

Oh and one last thing.....actually this is more of a personal and long standing request -   “ WILL YOU GUYS STOP CALLING ME SIR” !!!!    Patrick is fine .  After all,  I'm not really that old.....I mean REALLY  :) 

PACE : 6.01 / KM
FINISH TIME :3:15:07

With best friend Paolo C. and Pauline.
Roy Fuentes, me, Francis Rivera and Melchor Dones
Emily L. me and Ako si Edward 
Men is black... Runners in Black

Handing Sponge to fellow runner Had Ji thank you