When I hit “ 50” I put this in my blog. " Insanity Begins at 50 "
I did not realize that it would literally come true.

Since my birthday, a lot of major changes have happened in my life which is the reason why  I have been having  bouts of depression, loneliness , sleepless nights and nightmares which I haven't experienced in a long long time.  No !! I am not going to do a Kurt Cobain , Pepsi Paloma and Adolf Hitler.  I just struggle a bit  to keep the screws on tightly in my head.
Maybe this is the reason why I run almost  every day…. Maybe this is the reason I rack in the kilometers.

Running always gave me that double dose of Endorphin's to maintain my Sanity.... but I cannot wear my mask 24 / 7.  I still pray and I do pray hard for God’s divine intervention.
But praying and listening are 2 different things.  Maybe stepping back is what I need to do to figure out what the hell is going on with this roller coaster life ….

I wake up in the morning and typhoon “ Gorio “ with maximum winds of 90 kph will hit the Metropolis at  around 7 am.  I do hope it rains and I do hope it Rains Hard !!!  Because when you run in the rain it feels like a  “ Cleansing of the Soul “ and maybe that is what I need right now  to start a “Life of New Beginning” ....