PTAAKBUHAN Trail Run 10 km

Trail Running  - (n.) a sport which consists of running and hiking over open and rough terrain principally consisting of grass, mud, woodlands, or water.

RunningShield – (n.) An Oldie Moldy Long Distance Runner

 I try to join races  every weekend with distances of 10 – 21 – 32 – 42 km depending on whats available.  Most of these races are run on asphalt or concrete.  Once in awhile, I like to challenge myself and do Trail Runs.  So when I was invited to join the PTAAKBUHAN Trail Run in Nuvali,  I immediately  said YES. 

I'm  not a very good Trail Runner because all the twisting and hopping on uneven terrain does take its toll on my knees but being only a 10 km race,  I figured it would not be so punishing to the body.  I also expected the race route to be pretty muddy and slippery given that the rain has been pretty strong these past few days.  So as much as I tried to psyche myself up for this race, my ultimate game plan was just basically " to Survive!  

Surprisingly,   weather turned out to be cool and sunny.  Just the way I like it.  Terrain was a bit damp and slightly muddy but still managed to keep spotlessly clean.   Route was quite challenging with several steep uphills and downhills.  Nevertheless,  it was a good race.
 I love the outdoors.    I love the sun.
I love the smell of grass  in the morning...
and the cool fresh breeze on my face.  
But most of all, I love Nature. 
Best part is, I finished with pretty good time.  
Not bad for an Oldie Moldy Long Distance Runner :)

Distance :  10 KM
Time : 50 :06