She was born in 1993.....20 years ago. 
On the 17th day of the month....just like myself and her name is Patricia ... derived from mine.  

She now lives  and works on the other side of the world and has been doing so for 3 years.  Way too far for Papsie but that was her choice.  On occasions when we'd have a chance to chat on the phone, my heart is flooded with so much joy & happiness.  Catching up on the mundane and trivial things in our lives,  even for a brief moment, somehow helps narrow the distance that span  between us.  

I have realized that the toughest thing about being a parent  is learning when NOT to be one.  Though I would have  preferred to keep her close,   I knew I had to let her go.   I needed to step back and let my teenage daughter continue to grow into the person she is to become.  But today, on her birthday,  she is no longer a teenager...

Now before I let my mushy sentiments get the better of me,  all I really wanted to say is...
Know that Papsie  is here for you ALWAYS. 
(But if you should need any financial help, best to call your lolo and lola ...ha ha)
Teenager no more, you will always be my little girl. 
Love you baby :) 

I saw this at Fully Booked... kinda looks like you Patricia when your fully made up

Your Hi-School Friends in Brent 
Adelle V. ... Patricia's Best Friend in Manila
NE friends in Boston
BadWolf - Ink
Happy Birthday from Oreo
Cat..... Siopao
I miss you Baby ! Happy Birthday ill see you soon