NatGeo 2013

I think this is my 2nd or 3rd time that I have participated in the yearly NatGeo event. 
Like the Safeguard race last week the runners were told to bring our own water Bottle or
 “BYOB “ the Organizer will provide the Water.
But to my surprise the Organize did provide water and water “Cups” on the route.
I think they were worried because of the extreme heat and humidity you would have a lot of runners suffering from dehydration.
Not many runners know this but once I get “deaf “during my run it’s a sign I am totally dehydrated. So if during the race you call my name and I don’t make you pansin it’s not that I’m being rude it’s because I’m deaf due to dehydration.
It was a good race but somewhere in the 10 km I got hit by my allergies again.
I started to itch and I had some hives on my leg and my eyes started getting puffy.
I’m not so sure what triggered my allergies but I think it was the dust on the road.
After the race I hanged around for a while then just went home so I can drink my anti-allergy medicine.
 I still manage  a sub 2 hrs.
Thank you God
FINISH TIME: 1:52:32

Puffy eyes due to allergies
kenyan legs ha ha