April 16, Tuesday 3am Manila Time.
April 15, Monday 3pm Boston Time.
Patriots Day – Boston Marathon Day
I got Several Calls and Text from my Daughter who studies and works in Boston, M.A.
Because I was fast asleep I failed to answer her call but When I got up at 3.45 am – Manila Time to get ready for my run , I first checked my phone and read her text,  “ Papa, They Bomb the Boston Marathon it’s in front of the finish line and near that  running store
 “Marathon Sports “where you always go when you visit me…. I’m ok “.
I panicked and only wearing my jockey (underwear) I instinctively went to the car to pick up my daughter. Wala akong pakialam if butas ang undwear KO or meron skid marks. My mission was “RESCUE MY DAUGHTER “. My daughter’s apartment is only 3 blocks away from the Bomb sight.
But after the dust in my head cleared out I realize that Boston is on the other side of the World.
With Panic in my voice I quickly phoned her and asked her what happened….
 She told me she is fine. And as of April 16, 10:30 am - manila
2 dead, 110 injured. Some had to have their legs amputated.
They also found 2 more bombs and defused it.
They also cut off the Cellular system in Boston to avoid further attacks.
In a few days I will post on my blog  what I feel they should do to this “Fucking Terrorist “ but when emotions are high it’s best to remain silent.
But for now.....
I pray for the people who died and the injured.
I want to Thank you God very much for keeping my daughter safe.
Thank you God very much we love you !
 Down town Boston at the background. Iam running beside the Charles river
 Boston Marathon Finish Line bomb exploded a few meters from this area 
The Famous " Marathon Sports " running store. 
A few meters from the finish line. its completely destroyed now. 
 Boston Public Library the 2nd bomb exploded on the right side
oh and the girl who thinks she's an actress that my daughter :-)