Araw ng kagitigan

The American Cemetery
It was a warm Lazy Afternoon.
Wasn't much to do and I wasn't able to do what “I WANTED” to do.
I also definitely did not want to hang out in the Shopping malls.
Shopping malls are so NOISY!!!!!
I hate crowds.
I just wanted to do a little sight-seeing and get some Sun… I love the Sun.
I decided to visit a place that I used to visit in my Grade School field Trip Days.
I went to the “AC” American Cemetery.
The AC is as beautiful as ever; nothing really has changed since I last visited the place in the late 70’s with its manicured lawn. Stain free marble crosses the place is as solemn as ever.
Next time I’ll bring my kids with me and we will have a day tour.
Malls, Museum, Dolphins , seals etc. are all cool but never forget the soldiers who died for a country which is not theirs.
I had a little time left before sundown that I said, “what the heck I will also visit its local counterpart”.
I went to “LB” Libingan nang Mga Bayani.
LB is not as beautiful compared to AC.
The roads are full of pot holes.
The place is littered with dead leaves.
The Marble crosses are all crocked and different colors, some are color white, dirty white and gray.
What was also funny was there was one cross right on the root of a narra tree.
The Graves are all uneven they look more like speed bumps than graves.
Grass is puro patche patche
Etc. etc.
I can go on and on
But you know in spite of all these Floss the Libingan nang mga Bayani has its own
 “Unique Character”.
You have the customary family picnic with the dead relative
Kids playing badminton on the grass bahala na if they step on the other graves
Meron pang nag bebenta nang dirty ice cream.
Very Nice… Very Homey…. Very Pinoy!
As the day ended I did not feel so bad because the Day tour was all worth it!

Names of missing soldiers
Running with Valor 

Libingan nang mga Bayani
Plane over Graves
The Plane is a Cebu Pacific :-)
I found this Touching and hilarious
Ang Patay na Pinoy kumakain pa rin nang Jollibee sa kabilang buhay  
Takbo para sa Pilipino