Twinkies.... nothing to do with running ( i think ) :-)

CNN : On Friday ( Nov.16,2012 )Twinkie producer Hostess Brands Inc. announced it would be closing down, thus ending its product line. The response to this snack apocalypse was swift.
Comments bemoaning the loss of this crème-filled sponge cake. Eulogies appeared in publications across the country.
People began to hoard Twinkies, leaving store shelves once lined with Twinkies bare. And with the supply in stores dwindling, some took to eBay to purchase them. (As if there weren't hundreds of other high-calorie, chemically colored, obese-inducing snack cakes you could consume.)

There appears to be no end to the mass mourning for this snack cake so closely associated with our childhoods. It was as if the loss of Twinkies was somehow going to erase our fondest childhood memories..
Luckily, I still have 1 - Twinkie in my ref. which i will never eat for the rest of  my-life :-)