RW - December 2012 "Missed Opportunity " :-(

When Opportunity knocks on your door GRAB IT!!!
Unfortunately when Runners World U.S.A. did knock on my door I hesitated and missed the biggest opportunity to be in the December 2012 cover. 
Please check link :
When I got my December 2012 issue I looked  at  the front cover and the first 6 words that was at the top of my head was ” That was supposed to be me “
Naturally I felt depress.
It is not that I was looking for fame. What I was looking for is to put a 
“Filipino Runner “on the Biggest Running Magazine in the world.
I also wanted to do my humble part in contributing to the running community.  
Instead of dwelling on my misjudgment i have move on and do what i enjoy doing best 
Running !!! but when opportunity knocks on my door again i will not hesitate and grab it  and never let it go :-)
I think " Isaac " no.14 should have been me :-(
I was the Poster boy for 
Runners World - Australia 
Rave Run Feb 2008