Run United Philippine Marathon

“Each Marathon is a Story to tell” – Tin F.
Some days you Run well but some days you don’t and admittedly for this Run United Philippine Marathon 2012  (RUMP)
I did not do very well.
Before Gun start I was feeling pretty good and I was hoping to improve my Philippine Marathon record which is 4:16
During the Race
The first 25 km I was feeling good. Averaging around 6:13 pace. No major fatigue and legs felt strong.
But after the 25 km mark I “BONKED “.
My Hips NOT my LEGS all of a sudden felt fatigue.
I was struggling to maintain a decent pace and had to adjust my gait several times.
When I reached the 31 km mark I was struggling that I had to incorporate fast walking in my run.
I also conceded  that I was not going to break my Phil Marathon record in fact I conceded that I was not  going to break any record at all Ha Ha !
My goal was now just to finish the race and enjoy the route and hopefully finish before Oct.31,2012 !!! ha ha.

When I realize I was about 2 km from the finish line I decided to pick up the pace and just go for it.
I just basically closed my eyes and cruised to the finish line.
That’s the reason I am “ Singkit eyes “ in my finish line pictures J.
Anyway after I cross the finish line I took a cab back to the Fort Taguig city and I was analyzing why I felt so lousy during the race.
Was it ….
Because in the last few days before race day I was still eating chicken and pork. ( I should eat more carbos )
Was it ….
Because of stress from work that I could not get the much needed rest. In fact I was still working till Saturday Morning.
Was it ….
Because I was still running high mileage several days before race day  and I did not get the much needed physical rest before marathon day.
But whatever my reasons are I look at this race as an “ LE” Learning Experience . I will use this experience to run a better Marathon in the future.
I have nothing to prove to anybody but one thing that I have learn is a “Marathon is like life”.
You struggle, you encounter obstacle in fact your greatness enemy may be your own-self BUT when you overcome whatever Shit life throws to you. You become a better person.
Life was never a bed of roses and so is running a Marathon.
But instead of whimpering and feeling miserable i take this as a challenge for another shot for a   PR  on my Phil Marathon time.
Oh!  sorry i forgot to mention my finishing time in my Garmin was 4:40 Oct.28,2012 and not Oct.29, 2012 :-).
Ok na! ... Ok na !
 i know the RUPM medal is bigger than the CSM medal but hey ! i have both :-)