Running is Strange

Running is Strange……
Woke up this morning feeling like a lard ball.
Had too much process meat and sweet popcorn for a late night snack yesterday.
Lazy to run.
I said my morning prayer
Lazy to run.
It’s raining crazy outside
Lazy to run.
My bed is calling me back
Lazy to run.
Even “Oreo” my daughters pet Labrador  is still sleeping
Lazy to run.
Can’t decide if i should wear a cap, what shoes to wear, what outfit ... 
But its  4:30 am and I’m wide awake and I don’t like sitting around the house doing nothing.
Blah ! Blah ! Blah!
I might as well  go for a Run.
Strange but I had one of the BEST 15.06 km run today !!!
No leg pain. Wasn’t feeling fatigue. I easily picked up the pace from a steady 5.50/km to a 4.00/km
I was charging up the hills with ease.
I was jumping over puddles.
I wanted more mileage … I was craving for more speed.
I was feeling Olympian
I was feeling Eduardo Buenavista !!!!!
But, sad to say I had to end my run had to run to the toilet.
Had too much process meat and sweet popcorn last night.
The days you don’t want to run winds up the Best run of your life
Running is strange :-)