Late Afternoon Run to be " Normal "

The last time i ran  late afternoon was over 2 years ago.
I usually run in the morning around 4:30 am but for this particular day i could not because i wasn't feeling very well i had a little tummy virus., but as the day progressed my tummy was feeling a lot better,
I notice when i do not run my mood changes and i become a Mr. Hyde.
I am also a bit more sensitive to what people say and how i react to them. i also get pretty depress.
I become moody - moody.
The only antidote for this type of disease which i call " RS Topak Disease " is a nice good run. I need to run because endorphin's are my drug to be " Normal ".
I ran a distance of 16.23 km , 6:00 pace , time of 1:37:40
I feel " Normal again " :-).
The problem now is my body is full of adrenalin im wide awake. I don't know what time i will sleep tonight :-(.
Any Day.... Any Time.... is a good Time to Run!