Hyper Sports - most memorable race i have ever run!

Sh%#@!!! Before you think cursing is my 2nd language. Please Let me explain.
Rewind 20 minutes before Gun start.
I am talking with my running friend Paolo Carvajal at the same time warming up on the sidewalk.
I told him I think we better head on to the starting line.
I then put my warm up gear inside car ( stretch mat, towel, stick, car keys)  CAR KEYS !!!!
But before I know it, I slammed the car door and all doors are lock with CAR KEYS INSIDE !!!
Sh%#@!!! ( now you know why I was cursing).
To Makes matter worst I even left my RACE BIB inside the car Double Sh%#@!!!
Luckily ( I think ) the manila police outpost was just 10 meters in front of my car.
Paolo and I  went to ask the Police Chief  to help us. We told him about our situation and he said, “NO PROBLEM ! the watch your car boys can open the car ”. He asked me if I wanted it opened now I told him later cause I had a race to run. BIG MISTAKE !!! " me put foot in mouth". Now Mr. Police Chief and  the entire watch your car boys in the  area knows that I left car keys, watch, phone , money etc, in the car. It was like I was inviting them to steal my car. 
Triple Sh%#@!!!   
Paolo told me, “Cono, Patrick forget about the race lets have your car opened first.
I answered , No cono (na pa cono rin ako) lets go for it. Lets race bahala na!!!
So there I was running a 21 km with No race bib, No car keys AND NO CONCENTRATION ON THE RACE !
My body was physically present in the race but my mind was on how to open my car and if my car would still be in the parking lot after the race.
I was going crazy, I had so much anxiety,  I was picturing in my head that  Mr. Police Chief and Watch your car boys, opened my car and went for a joy ride.
All my stuff in car all stolen !!! CAR Gone . I was already trying to recall if I paid my car insurance on time.
What was a 21km race seemed more like an ultra marathon.
Fast forward …… 1km from the finish line my heart was pounding not because I was running fast but feeling anxiety  if my car is still in the parking lot.
As we reach the bend I got a glimpse of my car and took a deep breath because my car is safe and in 1 piece. I dash to the finish line and headed straight to the police outpost.
Mr Police Chief and 2 watch your car boys opened my car with a 12 inch screw driver. I gave them a little something and thanked them from the bottom of my heart J.
Whiff!  what an experience !
The race was very good. loved it , nice view ( did you see that silver catamaran near manila yacht  club, awesome !), accurate distance , nice route and lots of hydration. It was a good race. Congratulations to the organizer.
Let’s do it again next year and this time I will make sure ill bring a spare key J
Hyper Sports - most memorable race I have ever run !
 Warming up for the race ( no race bib) My mind was..."how do i open the car door.....
Will my car still be in the parking lot after the race "??? Titanium Runner on my right.
No Race Bib
Physically present in the race but mentally on how to open the car.
Running friend Paolo Carvajal . Thanks Cono ! Next time i promise to bring a spare car key .
 Bearwin Meiley Thanks for the RUNtarantantan Shirt !
Km 18. Hey the guy in blue singlet has no race bib too.
Bandit ... Bandit.. oops. :-)
Mars Callo - Pinoy Fitness 
Mars Callo and Alpha Runners
Boy Ramos ( right ) is an excellent Running Host. very entertaining
I love my Bayong Bag. 
Pinoy bayong bag is the best !
Thanks - Get Fit Hyper Sports and Pinoy Fitness for a wonderful race 
I love the Route in Roxas Boulevard