Subic - No Joggers ?!

As we were driving around Subic, we so happen to pass a desolate winding road, with very tall trees and thick vegetation on each side.
The width of the road was only enough for 2 cars, and it would be very difficult to turn back because of the ditch on both sides of the road.
If you lost control of your car, or made a wrong move, you certainly would fall in the ditch and be stuck.
So we decided to drive further - hoping to find a wider road where we can make a U-turn.
And as we drove deeper, it got darker and darker because of the huge forest trees and NO houses, stores and lamp posts in sight which made it really eerie.
Plus the strong wind & heavy down pour made it even worst!
And just when I felt very anxious and panicky.
Oh shit ! the road lead to a very Famous Hospital in Subic but it doesn’t look like your regular hospital it looks more like an Asylum for the mentally insane.
Instead of entering the Hospital I just made a U-Turn and headed back to civilization ASAP!!.
As we were turning back, We saw this Road Sign ( below ) that looked VERY OLD – like it has been there since the mid 60’s.
YIKES !!!!! I will NEVER EVER take this road again!!!
No Joggers !!! I wonder why !!!