Sleeping Position

A good night Sleep is very important if you want to run consistently.
Sleep is a key building block for recovery especially  after a hard run.
A typical person will need an average of 8 hrs of sleep a day to be fully rested.
Some need more while others can do with less.
In my case.
I need at least a good 7 hours night sleep and a 15min Mid day  “ Siesta “  to feel fully rested / recharge.
But do you know a “GOOD SLEEPING POSITION” is equally important !!!
My sleeping position is in the picture above in color RED.
I am very comfortable with this position and wake up pretty much rested.
Sometimes I sleep using the position in color  BLUE.(Which happens once in a while)
When I wake up  my body is totally Misaligned.
The joints on my hips , knee, shoulder, back , shoulder and neck are creaky and stiff.
Muscles are also stiff as a rock sometimes I even get lymphnobes.
As I get out of bed I wobble to the Bathroom like an old man with a stick up my A… ( sorry got carried away ).
Before I run I have to stretch vigorously  to align my body in its proper place.
I also give myself a deep massage in the affected muscles of my body.
I start of my run wobbly but as I progress my body start to loosen up and I’m back to my proper running form.
Now I’m more conscious on my Sleeping Position so I can have a much more restful sleep but most of all a better Run.
Lastly, I just found it weird if anybody sleeps using the position in color YELLOW !

Good morning, runners! A pattern of consistently good sleep will give you a boost of growth hormones, which are great for rebuilding muscle fibers. Several nights in a row of bad sleep will decrease reaction time along with immune, motor, and cognitive functions - not a good combination for workout! So make sure you guys get a lot of sleep, especially when you're gearing up for a race! Your body will thank you later! :) – Runner’s World Philippines.