Mizuno Wave Rider 15 - Totally change my impression on the Mizuno Brand

Full Name: Mizuno Wave Rider 15
Category: Cushioning
Weight: 11.1 oz. (315 gr.)
Suggested Price: $115.00
Recommended For: Neutral runner, mild overpronators mid high mileage. Or a great shoe for   larger runners who need more cushioning.

Full Name : Raul Patrick Concepcion
Age : 49
Height : 5’5 ½.
Weight : 128 lbs.
Weekly Mileage : 75 – 90km.
Years Running: 31
Mileage as of May 2012 : 88,500 km
Arch Type : Normal
Shoe size : 8.5
Striker : Heel Striker

In my 31 years of running I’ve tried several Brands of Running Shoes. Nike, Adidas, Puma , Converse, New Balance, Brooks and Asics. I’ve even run in “ Bata “ running shoes in the early 70’s. BUT I have Never never tried MIZUNO.
The Reason I have never tried MIZUNO is because I always considered it a “ Volley Ball and Badminton “ playing shoe never a running shoe.

Last week I got an email from Ms. Jai Cortes – Marketing Manager of Mizuno. She wanted me to test run the Mizuno Wave Rider 15 and Mizuno Prophesy. ( Shoe evaluation on the Prophesy next month ) yes you heard it right “ 2”  Running shoes and I can have it picked up  in her office. In 30 mins my messenger was at his office.
To be perfectly honest. I was a bit apprehensive to try the Mizuno brand.
ASICS and NIKE is my preferred running shoe because they work for me.
I also don’t like experimenting on new shoes unless I read about its features and comments  in Runners World.
I also run almost every day and in my opinion  I have the most sensitive feet in the world, an injury because of a new shoe is not my cup of tea.

After accumulating 50 + km ( As of April 28,12 )  on the Wave Rider 15.
I have to say I am very  impress with this shoe !!
a. Great cushioning.
b. Very good fit ( not to snug  and plenty of  toe room, I can easily  wiggle my toes. )
c. Very Well ventilated upper.
d. What i like about the Wave Ryder is after a sweaty drenched run. i would wash the shoe and   dry it under an electric fan and in 2 hrs its dry.
e. Flexibility of the mid-sole sole is just perfect. not to stiff that it constricts your forward motion and not to soft that you may strain / pull  the muscle under your foot.
f. Very responsive shoe.
g. Great Traction even on wet shinny floors.
h. Ran on pavement, concrete, grass, dirt, gravel and mud the shoe still felt sturdy and supportive which i really loved.
i. Best part is Mud did not  stick on the bottom of the shoe. usually with other shoes the mud sticks on the bottom that i have to stop running and use a stick to take out the mud.

My total impression of Mizuno just being a Volley ball and badminton shoe just flew out the window.
I should have tried the Mizuno Running shoes years.... decades back..... but again its never to late to start wearing  one of the Top Running shoe in the world.
I would highly recommend this shoe to all runners who are looking for a cushioned shoe  and a very smooth ride.
Lastly, i highly recommended this shoe NOT because it was given to me free but after several runs i conclude it is  A FANTASTIC SHOE .