I am a morning person
I’m usually awake at 4 am and I start running around 4.30am.
But I notice in spite of an average of 13km run daily.
I still don’t feel that “ Energized “ after my run.
During the Holy week vacation  instead of running at 4.30 am I was running around 6am.
The SUN was bright and I could feel its Rays on my entire body.
It was hot and I was sweating profusely.
My running top, shorts and shoes was drenched in sweat.
But as I ended my run not only did I get a nice Tan,  I also  felt “ Energized “.
It’s the SUN RAYS that ENERGIZES me.
Some call it vitamin D but I call it SUN POWER !
I don’t think I can run every day at 6am because I’ll be too late for work and will miss my Home Responsibilities.
But every chance I can get too I certainly will enjoy every moment of SUN POWER !