Pre - Tokyo

Spending quality time with the family is always a priceless moment and what better place to spend it but in Tokyo Japan.
The last time the family and I was in Tokyo was during the Japan 2011 Mega Earthquake.
During that time I really taught I was going to meet my creator already.
But because of God’s Blessing we survived.
Asics – Philippines wanted me to run the Tokyo Marathon 2012 
And without any hesitation I said Yes ! 
Hey ! what are the chances for a Mega Earthquake hitting the 2nd time while we are in Japan ?
Anyway, The weather in Tokyo was unbelievably cold.
The average Temperature was about 2C. and in some days it would rain and a lite snow would fall during the late evening.
It was also super windy that the wind chill temperature would drop down to 0C.
But that’s ok We love the cold weather and it’s a nice change from Humid Philippines.
We did a lot of walking, sightseeing by foot and of course our favorite “Eating”.
We did not shop much because the clothes that was still on the rack was still the Winter collection.

When we had to go to the Marathon EXPO 2012 held in Tokyo Big Sight to get my race bib, instead of taking the train we decided to take a Taxi Cab because I couldn't understand the Japanese direction in the Train ticket booth and no way would I want to get lost in Japan, but I’m glad we took a Taxi because we got to see more of the sights and it was definitely a comfortable ride .
When we got to the Marathon Expo my jaw dropped because it was a huge expo with all the major Sports Manufacturer participating.
It was really a huge event that it gets your adrenalin going to get you focus on race day.
After a little more window shopping and of course eating we decided to take it easy for my preparation for Marathon day.
It was a good Family Vacation. Wish my eldest daughter was with us :-(.
The 90 degree escalator ride to the Expo

Marathon Expo at Tokyo Big Sight

Weather 1C ! freezing
Seeing the sight at Keio Plaza downtown Tokyo
Beer and onion ?
Something about vending machine that really gets my fancy
Starting Line. the view from outside our Hotel 25th floor