Dec 19, 2011

A Running Time Bomb

Woke up at 3.15 am
Said a Short prayer
made my self a cup of black coffee ( 1 1/2 tablespoon )
Laced up my running shoes and in 20 Min's i was out the door.
As i was running
Flashes of my Family, Parents, God, Running, Christmas, Finances and the
Condura Skyway Marathon
kept on entering my head.
My mind was flooded with so much negative emotion.
i could not understand why.
i was mad at the world.
i literally cursed and screamed as i took every step.
If any person, car or policeman cross my path he would certainly get the brunt of my anger.
Even as the Sun slowly started to rise on the horizon i was cursing its brightness and warmth.
Saying that i was in a Bad mood was an understatement.
I was a Running Time Bomb.
My fuse was lite and about to explode.
As I finished Running 30.15 km i was still mad.
I stretched out and got ready for the day.
I wonder why i was so mad ?