Dec 15, 2011


You are not a PINOY RUNNER unless you have run a Milo Race.
I think I have run 3 Milo races in my lifetime and this is my 4th.
What I like about the Milo Races is it gets better and better every year.
In my opinion Milo is "The Mother of all Races in the Philippines".

Unfortunately for this year I did not do very well for the 21 km event.
I still have a very bad cold which has been pestering me for more than a week already
My left foot injury is also very bad.
It hurts when I try to push the pace and somewhere around the 5th km. mark
My mind was playing trick on me and was telling me to DNF.
I also wore a Technical Shirt and not the usual Tank top because I had the chills.
In short I was not in A condition.
But “ F” excuses…. Excuses.
I was determine to run the Milo 21km. regardless of how fast or slow I run and finish in high spirit.
It wasn't a great race for me to end the year but that’s OK ill be ready for 2012
and will do better for next year 2012 Milo Race.
I think the reason that i did not run very well is because " I FORGOT TO DRINK MY MILO TODAY ? " :-).