The last time i was in Monterey was in 1979.
Frankly i don't remember much of the area.
All i know during that year all that was on my mind was " Shopping".
But now that I'm so much older and i love to run, shopping is not important anymore.
I love looking at the view and appreciating Gods creation.
Monterey is lovely and relaxing especially if you just want to chill out watch the seagulls, seals and whales.
Problem with to much R & R is i get to eat a little to much :-(.
But i guess sometimes its good to let go a bit because tomorrow is another day to get back on track. Excuses ....excuses.
Monterey Bay. Near San Carlos Beach. while i ran
the Clouds where coming and it started to drizzle.
RunningShield was here. I left my Mark just across the embassy suites hotel.
Will it still be here when i come back ??? hummm