My Favorite Running Place when my head is not screwed properly

When my head is not screwed properly.
When my disposition in life is all messed up.
When i am depressed .
This i the time .......
I need to go for a Long Run.
It is in my long Run that i am able to "Purge" all this negative feeling inside me.
It is during my long runs that the endorphins are at a all time high and i feel inner peace.
It is when my spirit detaches from my physical body and for a moment in time reality does not exist.
It is a time i can think properly.

I wanted to run out of town but i did not want to make the long trip because i needed my " Fix" ASAP !
I decided instead to run at my Favorite Running place in Manila which is The Seawall at Roxas Boulevard.
Roxas Boulevard has always been my favorite running Area.
I love the smell of the sea water. ( even if its a bit polluted )
I love watching / observing the people who linger in the area ( vendors - my favorite is the vendor selling "Strawberry"flavored Popcorn, Massage therapist, Aerobics impromptu classes, homeless families etc. )
All of these contribute to the Unique character of Roxas Boulevard.
I also get amaze watching the long line in the U.S.A. embassy by the locals hoping for a Tourist or working Visa.
But most of all i love running in Roxas Boulevard because i feel like i am just a common person who just wants to enjoy life in the way it was meant to be.
Running in my favorite place brings me great joy !
The Seawall was heavily damage due to the storm surge during Typhoon " Pedring "but i was surprise that after a few weeks the place was clean and run "passable " and now there are plans to renovate / modernize the area. whatever the plans are by the local govt. Just don't kick out the street vendors... i need my Strawberry flavored Popcorn :-).