Adidas - King of the Road

When a race is less than 21 km. i still go for a run the day before usually around 13 to 15 km. The reason why i still run is because i need my daily fix of endorphins :-) but Admittedly during Race day i am a bit tired and cannot perform at my peak.
When i was invited by Adidas to participate in the King of the Road event I decided to rest the day before because I was curious how i would perform during race day, likewise i was also not
feeling very well i think i was developing a cold.

The Adidas " king of the road " has to be 1 of the best race in the country.
I remember joining its first race if i m not mistaken that was way back in the year 2005 ?
When it was still Rudy Biscocho as race director but at present it is Rio de la cruz.
As always Rio does an excellent job in race directing.
The race never had any major glitches except for the first U turn after
1.5 km.mark The runners where still closely bunched together that it got to be a major human traffic. From the feedback i got there where 4000 who joined the 21k event.
But overall it was a good race.
When i crossed the finish line i was still feeling very fresh and glanced at my Nike Gps watch
unfortunately it shut down and i never got to see my finish time.
Oh well I'll just wait for the official results.
Distance : 21 k.
Time : ??
Pace : ??
Body Weight : 126.5 lbs.
Asides from the race.
It was really nice to see and chat with Paolo Carvajal who is the younger brother of my friend Pocholo.
I have not seen Paolo for almost 15 years and it was really great to see him taking up running as a way of life.
Paolo is Half Spanish half Filipino, All of a sudden i was conversing with him and using words like " Cono " & " Puneta " ha ha just kidding.
His family are very good people and they always treated me like a son.
Paolo, your Condura Skyway marathon race bib no. is on the house !!!! Cono !!!
what will it be 42k or 21k ?
I also got to chat with Jayson Tan a running friend of mine and a supporter of the
Condura Skyway Marathon.
Thanks Jayson and see you in all the races to come.