RunningShield the next " Iron Chief"

When I was the age of 18 that was in 1981 I was residing and studying in Vancouver Canada.
Usually twice a year my parents from Manila would visit us but frankly I think they wanted to make sure we did not convert the house into a Brothel .. just kidding.
Anyway, a week before my parents would go back to Manila my mom would go to Safeway Supermarket and buy at least 5 kilos of chicken and 5 kilos of pork she would mix them in a giant pot with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, bay leaf and cook us a local dish called ADOBO.

Once it was cooked she would put the Giant pot on the side till it cooled, she would then place the Adobo in individual Ziploc bags and put them in the freezer. I remember their would be about 50 pcs. of this individual bags.
The reason she did this is when my 2 brothers and I got hungry or craved for Filipino food we could just get a Ziploc bag and heat it up in the microwave.
We would eat it with rice.
Mom it was super Sarap.

Fast Forward to the year 2011.
My daughter Patricia is 18 years old. She Studies in Boston, M.A..
A few days before I had to go back to Manila we cooked…. Yes you guessed it ADOBO !!!
Ok not the 10 kilos like what my mom did but a modest 1 kilo of chicken adobo only and instead of putting it in Ziploc bag we place it in a Tupperware.
If my daughter got hungry in the middle of the night or craved for Filipino food she can just heat it up in the microwave and of course eat it with rice.
Funny how we never forget what our Parents taught us and how we pass it down to our children and hopefully our children will pass it on their children…
Thanks Mom ! you taught me well.
Adobo ! Delicious